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About Authors-At-Large

In the beginning . . .

Authors-At-Large was conceived on a journey.  Two writers, conversing, over good food and wine in a city neither inhabits . . . two writers with a love for travel and literature.

One said. "Not just another workshop in a foreign city.  We can stay home and do that."
The other said.  "Let's learn about the literature of the places we go to."
"Meet local authors."
"Find local cultural experts to teach us."
"Read the country's literature before we go."
"Go to places where the literature isn't already canonized and easily found in America."
"Read the contemporary work."

They paused and poured more wine.

One asked. "So how does that help the writing?"
The other suggested. "To write the world you need to read the world?"
"Which world?"
"The real world?  The world as it is and not as we think it should be?"
"New Zealand?"
"Hong Kong?"
"And Macau as well."

Shoes and ships and sealing wax . . . late into the night or at least, until their flights were called.

Finally, an honorable handshake.
"By the way," Xu Xi said, "what should we call it?"
Robin Hemley replied.  "What about Authors-At-Large?"

Who we are

Robin Hemley 
Robin Hemley is the author of eight books of fiction and nonfiction. His work has won such awards as The Nelson Algren Award for Fiction from the Chicago Tribune, the George Garrett Award for Fiction, Story Magazine's Humor >>>MORE

Xu Xi 
Xu Xi is the author of three novels, The Unwalled City, Hong Kong Rose and Chinese Walls, two short fiction collections, History’s Fiction and Daughters of Hui, and the mixed-genre collection, >>>MORE

Hemley and Xu have assembled a collective of like-minded authors and other thinkers around the world who participate in offering their experience as writers, teachers of writing and cultural experts to create program trips down those roads less traveled.

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