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Hong Kong & Macau

Abby Frucht | Philip Graham | Robin Hemley | Xu Xi |


Join us in “China beyond China.” These two cities, former British and Portuguese colonies, have anomalous and special histories that contribute to shaping 21st century China’s economy, politics and culture. Predominantly peopled by Southern Chinese, the local cultures of these cities have developed quite separately from that of Mainland China during the last century.

We will read and hear from writers and thinkers who can speak to the various literary and cultural expressions that define contemporary Hong Kong and Macau. The group will be headed by Xu Xi, one of Hong Kong’s leading English language writers and a native daughter of the city. You will have the opportunity to meet local cultural figures in intimate, informal settings who will share their work and thoughts.

Hong Kong accommodations include breakfast and are at Robert Black College at the University of Hong Kong (, a quiet retreat in the hills of Hong Kong island. Macau accommodations include breakfast and are at the Pousada Coloane, the far end of the island connected to the main city by a bridge, and furthest from all the casinos which fuel the city's tourism and economy.

8 days, 9 nights May 21 to May 29, 2006

Authors: Abby Frucht, Philip Graham, Robin Hemley, Xu Xi.


Participants should plan to arrive in Hong Kong

no later than Sunday evening, May 21(Night 1)

and be ready to join the group on

Monday morning, May 22 (Day 1).

We spend four nights in Hong Kong and

head for Macau on Thursday morning May 25.

We return to Hong Kong

Monday morning May 29

for one last night.

Check out is Tuesday morning May 30

from Robert Black College. Please plan your travels accordingly. All fees are listed in US $. Ground fees include all accommodations in Hong Kong and Macau, transport between Hong Kong and Macau, several events on the schedule and some local group transport. Local taxis in both cities are reasonable, and there is also good public transport available.

Program: $1350.00
Ground: $1000.00
Manuscript Consultation: $400.00
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Abby Frucht

Abby Frucht, who won the Iowa Short Fiction Prize for 1987, has since published five novels, including Snap (Ticknor & Fields), Licorice (Graywolf), Are You Mine? (Grove), Life Before Death >>>MORE

Philip Graham

Philip Graham is the author of two short story collections, The Art of the Knock (William Morrow, 1985) and Interior Design (Scribner, 1996), the novel How to Read an Unwritten Language (Scribner, >>>MORE

Robin Hemley

Robin Hemley is the author of eight books of fiction and nonfiction. His work has won such awards as The Nelson Algren Award for Fiction from the Chicago Tribune, the George Garrett Award for Fiction, Story Magazine's Humor >>>MORE

Xu Xi

Xu Xi is the author of three novels, The Unwalled City, Hong Kong Rose and Chinese Walls, two short fiction collections, History’s Fiction and Daughters of Hui, and the mixed-genre collection, >>>MORE


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